Minimal mistakes is a great Jekyll theme. Perfect for building personal sites, blogs, and portfolios.

I started this blog last year. I posted a few items, but was never really engaged with the process. One aspect was the original style and colour-scheme. I never really liked it.


There is nothing wrong with the Hyde theme and Poole it was built on. It’s a good theme - clean and simple. However, my burnt orange colour scheme was too garish and displeased me.

I found Minimal Mistakes searching for a free theme. I had tried a few - for example Mediumish - even reverting back to Minima which is used as the default theme used by jekyll new.

Minimal Mistakes is the most popular free theme at and for good reason. It has comprehensive documentation, a starter project and lots of features.

Migrating was relatively simple:

  1. Downloaded the Minimal Mistakes Starter.
  2. Expanded the starter into my project (I did not clone the template as I already had a repository - instead kept duplicate files for now).
  3. Removed existing theme’s _includes and _layouts files.
  4. Moved and updated core pages (404 and about).
  5. Merged index.html files.
  6. Moved images to new location under assets.
  7. Merged _config.yml and Gemfile configurations.
  8. Updated the front matter and image references in each post for the theme.

Hopefully you like it!