Recent Posts

Journey into 3D Printing

8 minute read

I’ve have a new 3D printer to learn about. I have been dialing it in ready to print a full-size endoskeleton arm (amongst other things).

Bouncing Buttons

7 minute read

Mechanical elements of buttons can create noise when pressed and released. I was looking at options to debounce buttons in the most memory efficient way.

Fully Modified Uncle Bob

1 minute read

I have been busy working on Uncle Bob. He now sports a range of modifications.

Calling Time on my Time Capsule

3 minute read

My Time Capsule started making rattling, grunting, whining noises and overheating. Was it time to call time on my Time Capsule?

Full Bodied Bob

less than 1 minute read

Uncle Bob now has both arms and legs. He will start to look menacing as soon as he can stand up.

Jekyll Related Posts

6 minute read

Now you can include a configurable set of related pages without relying on custom plugins, so works with GitHub Pages.