For some Jekyll sites, setting up URL re-writes or HTTP 301 Moved Permanently response codes on HTTP web servers (such as Apache or NGINX) is not possible. If you reorganise your site, external links to your original pages will be broken, which is not a great web experience.

The redirect layout creates an HTML redirection page from the original page URL to its new location.


  1. Copy the _layouts/redirection.html file to your Jekyll _layouts folder.
  2. Optionally create a _redirects folder, adding it to the include: section of your _config.yml.
  3. Create a page with the front matter below. The redirect file name is not important as the original and redirect page URLs are controlled by permalink and redirect front matter settings.

Redirect Page

layout: redirection
permalink: /path/to/original/page/
redirect: /path/to/correct/page/

NB: The layout has been renamed from redirect.html to redirection.html to avoid interference with jekyll-redirect-from plugin.