Pack 12 was relatively un-eventful. I was finally building a base on which Uncle Bob can stand. This is all about that base - no trouble.

The base comes in 4 quarters which are fixed together underneath. The centre is a little flimsy until the matching felt backings and metal stand are connected. As you connect each quarter, details are added to the surface.

Base skull

Lights, curcuit boards and switches are connected and a drawer for the batteries. A number of mains power modifications can be added as I can imagine burning through many batteries.

I found screw holes in one of the felt backing quarters did not match up with the screw holes in the base. I double checked I had selected and aligned the correct backing. As each base quarter has a unique outside border, it’s not possible to incorrectly match them. So out with a small braddle to create the correct screw hole.

The backing quarters leave a central rectangle space. This is filled with the metal base for the stand to hold Uncle Bob upright. The stand fits the base easily. However, it needs one/two of the felt backing to be removed so the stand slides through holes in the base. Once done the felt backings can be re-attached.

The stand is height adjustable with Uncle Bob stood upright as the highest setting.

Base skull

He currently needs to hold his Westinghouse M95A1 Phased Plasma Rifle in a 40W Range with both hands. Some modifications are in order to be able to hold the rifle one handed. He looks much more terminator style holding the weapon single handed. Two rifles would look awesome (more on that later).

None of the lights and sounds work until the remote control is constructed. Its easy, but a few people have been concerned they connected things up wrong because the base lights flash on momentarily when switched on. This does appear to be by design.

With the remote built, Uncle Bob takes is place in my study.

Base skull

Not unexpectedly, the Sci-Fi Cinema closes out with a discussion of Terminator 2: Judgement Day. The real-world science section discusses how SkyNet might have chosen an alternative attack on the human race - germ warefare.

That’s quite close to home considering the COVID pandemic of 2020/21… (No this is not a conspiracy theory).

Overall a great model to build. Even at 1:2 scale, Uncle Bob is a formiddable figure. There are thriving forums both at Agora Models website and on Facebook. People make custom modifications and sell them to willing customers. Some are absolutely awesome and I have invested in them.

This inspired me to make my own modifications. Fitting electronics to the rifle that make it fire and make sounds. I can see Uncle Bob becoming an expensive hobby.