Having completed the right side of Uncle Bob, building the right-hand side was a repeat process. As before the forearm and hand are built up to be connected together with the upper arm and fitted to the shoulder.

The biggest problem was attaching the tendons through the hand to the base of the fingers. A little tricky to connect the tendon connectors to the base of the fingers. More difficult than the right hand as I remember. Perhaps because everything was reversed.

Mustle connectors for the tendons

The connectors need to be attached first and allowed to set before the spring tendons can be attached. Attaching the tendons too early pull them from the base of the fingers. Best way to direct glue into the finger connectors is via the pointy end of a cocktail stick.

Mustle connectors for the tendons

After completing the right arm and attaching it to the shoulder, Uncle Bob was really starting to take shape.

Two arms and one leg

By the end of Pack 9, the left arm and thight were attached. Pack 10 continues building down the left leg and assembling the foot. As with the right foot, there are many parts to connect and I was careful to keep the toes in the correct order. Fortunately there are handy numbers on the parts so when attaching them to the foot, the correct order is assured.

By the end of Pack 10 (well, the first stage of Pack 11 to be honest), Uncle Bob looks complete. It only on closer inspection you realise there’s a chest and shoulder muscles to attach.

Two arms and one leg

As with other books, each closes with a section on a film and robot-related subject. Pack 9’s theme is exoskeletons, covering Spider Man 2 with Doctor Otta Octavious and his self-aware exoskeleton arms. The second article in Pack 9 discusses the benefits of exoskeletons with their uses in combating paralysis and industrial strength-related uses.

Pack 10’s post-build reading covers the film Pacific Rim along with the world’s real-life Pacific Rim - discussing how people live in a location of high seismic activity.

Roll on packs 11 and 12!