(Not) Too long after ordering, a box of boxes arrived.

Since ordering the six-pack accelerator, I found each box was the same. A brown box with blue interior and individual parts wrapped in clear plastic blister-packs.

Boxes Boxes

I eagerly sorted through the boxes to find pack number one. Each box comes with its own instruction manual, making it easy to identify.

Pack One

I found all six instruction manuals for a quick flick through to see what was coming.

Instruction Manuals

Don’t worry, I sorted and keep the boxes in numerical order so keeping the manuals separate to their boxes is not a problem (yet!)

The assembly instructions provided in each manual are extremely comprehensive, with detailed pictures to orientate and guide you. These books end with an article on a related subject - vision for the first pack contain the eyes, assembly robots for the arm pack and discussions on various Sci-Fi movies - great reading after an assembly session (or waiting for glue to dry).

So my adventure begins and I open the manual for pack one.

It says I need some tools for the job…