My T-800 is coming along nicely. He has definately outgrown his storage box and my cutting mat too.

Calling it “he/him” probably means I should think up a name for it. “Arnie” doesn’t sound quite right. After a little thought, I remember John Connor called him Uncle Bob when introducing him to Enrique Salceda in Terminator 2 Judgement Day. I think I will do the same.

Packs 7 and 8 went without incident. As always the instructions are very detailed with comprehensive descriptions and pictures.

Packs 7 & 8 Completed

The toes are time consuming in their own way. Not like the fingers of his hand with all the joints, pins, connectors and sleeves to connect - five times over. The toe parts look so similar it’s easy to get them muddled. Each toe bone has a slightly different bend so they fit together nicely when finished:

After fitting one back-to-front, I had them all connected. Fortunately, they are numbered so can be fitted in order.

The instruction manuals end with interesting features for post build session reading. The two sci-fi films featured - Donnie Darko and Ex Machina are both great films in my view. The other interesting reads are how batteries have improved over time and whether time travel is possible.

Time to cross over to the other side and work on the left side if his body…