Model assembly needs some tools, only some of which were in my toolbox.

Pack-1 Stage 01 (Components for the Head and Eyes) lists each model part required and suggests a small cross-point screwdriver (Phillips PH00 or similar), so off to Amazon to see what they have for PH00.

I ended up buying this one for less than a fiver.

Tools of the Trade

Along with the PH00 cross-point screwdriver, I have found myself also using:

  • Scissors to cut open the packs of screws.
  • A Ramekin dish to pour the screws and other small parts in. Also a nice holder for the cocktail stick.
  • A cocktail stick to squeeze a drop of glue onto then apply sparingly and with great accuracy. This is advised in the instruction manual.
  • Superglue is required at various points throughout the build.
  • A small craft knife to cut pieces (such as teeth) away from their moldings.
  • I find small wire-cutters a useful alternative to the craft knife. Cutting with the back of the blade gets very close to the item. I switch between the craft knife and wire-cutters.
  • A small file to smooth off the cutting points.
  • I also find small round-nodes pliers (those with curved ends) to place the small nuts into recesses
  • Tweezers also help drop nuts and screws into hard to reach locations.
  • A Cutting Mat to work on. I had one from Hobby Craft.
  • Along the way, Agora provide a small Allen key for various fixings.

T0.1 Little Brother

To help with finer work, I also found I needed a helping hand magnifying glass (similar to this one). With its arms, it looks like a mini-terminator. Kind of like a T-0.1.